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Home Of The Two Mighty Packs Fighting To Be On Top, But Who Shall Take The Forest As Trouble Slowly Starts To Happen, Blood Sheds And Deaths Occur Often Are You Willing To Take The Chance On Entering?

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Howling In Sync

The forest is full of dark secrets. 2 were wolf packs, one forest.. see the problem? fights are to happen as both Alphas prove to be on top.. join the battle!
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Alpha Dawson
Alpha Dawson

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PostSubject: Template Example   Template Example EmptyTue Feb 25, 2014 8:48 pm

Template Example Dawson10
Wolf form

Template Example Alpha10
Human Form

Human Name: Dawson

Wolf Name: Hemming

Age(Both In Human And Wolf): 17 In Human & 2.7 Years In Wolf

Appearance(Human): Dawson Is a Tall And Lanky Caucasian Male. He Has Tattoos Covering Him, Each One Has A Special Meaning To Him. He Stands At The Height Of 6'3. He Has A Dirty Blonde Hair Which He Often Covers With A Cap Or Beane. His Eyes A Coloration Of A Bright Blue. He Often Wears Real Simple Clothing Such As Muscles Shirts To Show Off His Abs Or Tattoos. He Wears Jeans Most Of The Times, Dark Clothing Really. He Wears Only Converse Thats The Only Brand He'll Wear

Appearance(Wolf):He Is A Tall Wolf Because Of His Human Form, He is A Blonde, White Brown And Grey Color All Mixed Into His Muscular Build Pelt. He Has Eyes Of Hazel

Personality:Dawson Is A Very Chill And Laid Out Guy, He Enjoys Meeting New faces And Is Just A Very Nice Person. He Is Loving And Protective Towards His Pack And Very Close Family If Harm Was To Bring To Them It Wouldn't Turn Out Pretty. He Has A Dark Side To Him As Well, If Pushed Far He Could Be Cold And Rude And NEVER Backs Down For A Fight. He Is Always Up For A God Fight If Bored, And Is Always Partying Or Taking Care Of Pack Duties

Wolf Gene?(Full blooded,hybrid, Human that was bitten): Full Blood/Alpha Blood

Love Life(Include Status; Single/Taken & Kids/Pups): Single/none

Pack Wanted(If not post loner): Circo

Rank Wanted(If Joining,Do Not Sign Up For High Ranks): Alpha

School position(Principle,Nurse,Teacher,Student): Student

Not In School?(Doctor, Fast-food Worker...ECT): Playing Soccer

History: When Dawson was born he out all of his siblings was the one to survive, I guess you can call it survival of the fittest. Dawson grew up with both parents to care for him along with the pack he had encountered rouges times in school but since he had alpha blood no one rarely bothered him anymore. Dawson's paren'ts died when he was 15 and the pack was falling slowly, they couldn't believe that a 15 year old was going to lead. Dawson left his uncle Same in charge to go in search for his cousin that had been captured in wolf form by hunters. Once Dawson returned, empty handed he challenged Sam when he didn't give up the thorn and won and that's how Dawson became alpha

Other: No....
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Template Example
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