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The forest is full of dark secrets. 2 were wolf packs, one forest.. see the problem? fights are to happen as both Alphas prove to be on top.. join the battle!
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 Wolf Food & Sickness

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PostSubject: Wolf Food & Sickness   Sun Feb 23, 2014 11:15 pm

The Wolf Prey-List

Here is a basic list of what wolves hunt and eat

~ Big Prey Such As; Caraboo, Elk, Bison, Deer, Moose, Antelope, Sheep, Goats, Cows, Okapi, Zebra, Gazelle, Springbok, Impala, Wildebeest.
~Small Prey Such As; Small rodents like mice. Rabbits, squirrels, raccoon.
~Small reptiles such as; lizards and frogs.
~Winged birds; Blue birds, sparrows etc.
~Fish in the ponds

A few things wolves can get sick by

The BloodCough The BloodCough is an extremely painful illness and is extremely contagious. It is perhaps the worst illness Healers face. It starts with all the symptoms of RunningNose, but progresses within a week's time to extreme weakness, so much so that a wolf can barely stand, towards the end of the week, the wolf will go thorugh intense, painful, but very sporadic(random) spasms. By the time the wolf reaches the stage of spasms, it grows hard for them to stop coughing and sneezing and it is only then that the disease becomes contagious. Healers should notice a wolf getting weaker as the days go by and should do their best to find the RainFire Flower to cure them before the spasms start. The final symptom is when a wolf starts coughing up blood severely and is unable to stop. Once a wolf starts coughing up blood, there is no more hope to live. A wolf must get the cure before the blood coughing begins.
The BloodCough
1. running nose
2. build up of "gunk" in eyes
3. after about a day of this, severe coughing and hacking
4. soon enough the coughing leads to coughing up blood(hence why the disease is called the BloodCough)
Treatment must occur before the wolf begins to cough or they are as good as dead. The only way to cure it is by giving a wolf the Death'sBane Serum made by a single DeathBerry, the Waterfall Flower's petals, and RainFire Flower's steam and leaves.
This must never be eaten by any but those who have the BloodCough, or it is deadly, and must be mashed together with the paws and quickly washed off in water, not by the tongue!
How It Spreads
The BloodCough is EXTREMELY contagious, but only after the blood coughing begins. Before this point, it is only able to spread through blood contact with the infected wolf. If a wolf in the pack begins to cough up blood, a Pack should leave the wolf to die alone unless they want the whole pack to die with them. There is no hope of cure after the blood coughing begins anyway, and the wolf will be too weak to follow. It is suggested that wolves avoid the area where the infected wolf died for as long as possible, staying as far away as they can without hindering the pack's ability to hunt and survive. Wolves and Big Cats are the only animals capable of contracting this disease, so there is no need to worry about consuming infected prey, though if they haven't washed themselves, either in mud or with their tongues, or been rained on, they are still capable of carrying the disease for some time.

The BloodRage (Rabies) This is an incurable disease, though thankfully it is rare. When a wolf contracts the BloodRage, he goes berserk after about a week and attempts to kill anything in his path, friend or foe. He is blind to reason and emotion and is pure instinct, killing instinct. He is delerious with and unquenchable thirst and foams at the mouth in great amounts a couple days before this happens. This should be the sign for the pack to leave him behind, lest they risk him killing or infecting everyone.
1. exhaustion for no apparent reason (for 2-4 days)
2. extreme thirst that can not be quenched (usually after about 4 days of first contracting the disease)
3. delirium from dehydration, begins to see things that are not there or mistake things that are, starts not recognizing family and friends, becomes paranoid (usually after 5 or 6 days)
4. foaming at the mouth in copious amounts
5. the wolf can no longer recognize anything but instead sees everything as an enemy intent on his death, he goes on a rampage, killing or destroying anything in sight. This lasts for perhaps an hour before the wolf dies (usually after about 7 days)
How it Spreads/is Caused
The BloodRage can only spread through blood contact, this includes eating infected prey, even licking the wound of a friend.

How it Spreads/is Caused

How it Spreads/is Caused

How it Spreads/is Caused

How it Spreads/is Caused

The equivalent of a Cold, RunningNose is very minor, but may develop into WheezingCough if not treated. There are very few symtoms and most are similar to DenFever:
1. a running nose always occurs, hence the name RunningNose
2. sneezing and coughing usually occur
3. eyes might become slightly red and itchy
4. head aches and stomach aches are common, though they do not always happen
5. fever might occur in slightly more serious cases, as well as throwing up
Feverfew chewed together with Evergreen Needles can help with fever and Poppy Seeds with Evergreen Needles can dull head and stomach aches, while Tansy can be used to lessen heavy coughing. Wolves should get as much rest as possible for a few days until this goes away, otherwise it could progress into WheezingCough.
How it Spreads/is Caused
It spreads from one wolf to another from being in close proximity with an infected wolf for any period of time. Being near a wolf with RunningNose does not always ensure that you will catch it.

An equivalent of KennelCough, DenFever is a very minor illness that only really makes a wolf more miserable than they have to be. Symptoms can include any or all of these:
1. Sneezing
2. Coughing
3. minor Head aches
4. minor Stomach aches
5. slight Fever
6. running nose, though this is rare
7. in slightly more serious cases, throwing up
Poppy Seeds and Feverfew with Ocean Water can lessen symptoms to almost none, but only being active and getting out in the fresh air and sunlight really cures it
How it Spreads/is Caused
DenFever is common in young pups and mothers, and sick and wounded wolves, who are closed up in dens for most of the time, but it is not contagious and doesn't neccessarily occur in every wolf that is caged up for any period of time.
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Wolf Food & Sickness
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