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Home Of The Two Mighty Packs Fighting To Be On Top, But Who Shall Take The Forest As Trouble Slowly Starts To Happen, Blood Sheds And Deaths Occur Often Are You Willing To Take The Chance On Entering?

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Howling In Sync

The forest is full of dark secrets. 2 were wolf packs, one forest.. see the problem? fights are to happen as both Alphas prove to be on top.. join the battle!
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 About Me, Drew

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Alpha Dawson
Alpha Dawson

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About Me, Drew Empty
PostSubject: About Me, Drew   About Me, Drew EmptyFri Feb 28, 2014 9:54 pm

Hello This Is Me . . .

Okay so first things first, I am Dawson on here and the forum creator also known as the alpha of Roueltte Pack. In real life my name is Drew, and I am 16. I do have a girl in my life, she is my best friend and my girlfriend. We have been dating ever since 7th grade and have known each other since we were in the wombs literally, lol. I am a pretty chill and laid out person, I am very friendly and talkative and just up right with people. I like to chat with strangers because I like being everyone's friend so don't be scared to chat with me I am very nice :3

A few things about myself, well you already know I am a teen male named Drew, I am 6'1 and Mexican, but I don't look like Mexican at all, I am white skinned and hazel eyed. I am pretty tall for a Juniour in high scool, lmao. I love to play soccer, soccer is my life and passion along with horses. I play for 3 teams on soccer, one for my school.. duh on Varsity, one for league and one for club so I am fairly busy Lol. I might seem like thoes soccer jerks but I am not. I love to ride horses as well, I have 3 of the in real life, I also volunteer at horse rescues and shelters I give out lessons and I am highly known in the area. My favorite colors are Blue and Black. I love converse shoes and dress fairly simply I am no swag f*g lamo.

I also enjoy reading books, such as mystery and warrior cats, lol. My friends think of me as a really cool guy so I hope you do as well. I have always grown up nice and caring like my mom has taught me, if you respect me then I will to, I don't care about looks I care about how you really are inside. I love to listen to Mexican music.. lmao yes I am beaner at times :3 and also my favorite rapper is MGK also known as Machine Gun Kelly and my profile pic which Dawson is starred by. He is my idol and more I look up to him a lot, no offense to anyone but I am not a fan of Drake and the new rappers today

I guess that's all about me, I mean by all means if ya have a question about me don't be scared and hit me up xD Shoot me A PM and we could chat I am the type that could talk on and on and on! I am very social
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About Me, Drew
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