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Home Of The Two Mighty Packs Fighting To Be On Top, But Who Shall Take The Forest As Trouble Slowly Starts To Happen, Blood Sheds And Deaths Occur Often Are You Willing To Take The Chance On Entering?

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Howling In Sync

The forest is full of dark secrets. 2 were wolf packs, one forest.. see the problem? fights are to happen as both Alphas prove to be on top.. join the battle!
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 Okami Amaterasu, White wolf of light

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Okami Amaterasu, White wolf of light Empty
PostSubject: Okami Amaterasu, White wolf of light   Okami Amaterasu, White wolf of light EmptyMon Mar 24, 2014 1:48 pm

HumanName: Okami
WolfName: Amaterasu
Age (Wolf) 2 years old (Human) 16 years old
Appearence(Wolf) In appearance, Amaterasu is a pure white wolf to the naked eye, but other beings and those who heared or believe in the legend legend of Shiranui can see her red markings on her and the divine instrument on her back. She also has golden eyes
Appearence(Human) Okami has white hair with a silver ring shape in the middle, She wears a hoodie that almost represents her wolf form, the red markings and the fur tufts, She wears white jeans as well so if it snowed she would blend in easily.
Personality: Amaterasu is good willed and lovable, yet can also be lazy and arrogant at times. She helps all those who need it, although she can be opinionated at times. She shows her faults by being trusting in people who act nice but really are'nt. She has been described by other people as "Thick", often taking insult to this with most of her friends even mentioning that "Ammy gets kinda sensitive about her flaws!", and she is often described as "All brawn no brains". She is intelligent enough to understand human language in her wolf form though
WolfGene: FullBlooded
LoveLife: Nope...
PackWanted: Loner for now
RankWanted: ^
SchoolPosition: Student
PlayASport: Soccor
PositionInTeam: Undecided yet
History: Amaterasu, was born in a pack in japan her family members (who were werewolves) had to send Amaterasu to another pack of wolves as they couldnt take care of her, The wolves that adopted her couldnt help but notice the red markings on her pure white majestic fur, hence they named her amaterasu, After the sun godess of japan, a few months later, Amaterasu was speaking fluent japanese, but the wolf pack was captured, the hunters however never saw Amaterasus red markings and they kept calling her a "Pure white wolf from heaven".
When she was shipped to another forien countery, she escaped the clutches of captivity and grew up near a school (the school in this forum) and she watched as many people shifted into wolves outside the gates, this was where she realized she also, could turn into a human. Many years later Amaterasu, her human name now Okami has newly entered the school and is currently trying to find her place in the world.
Other: In her wolf form, if amaterasu gets too close to a fire source...her tail catches on fire

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Alpha Dawson
Alpha Dawson

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Okami Amaterasu, White wolf of light Empty
PostSubject: Re: Okami Amaterasu, White wolf of light   Okami Amaterasu, White wolf of light EmptyMon Mar 24, 2014 1:52 pm

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Okami Amaterasu, White wolf of light
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